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GROUNDWORK IS REALLY WHERE EVERYTHING BEGINS. It is where the communication begins and where some of the biggest, most significant changes are made in the relationship between horse and human.  I cannot stress enough how valuable and important learning even just the basic groundwork communication is.  It is for this reason that I have started to run a clinic series.  I ask that anyone new to my methods and wishing to embark on the journey start with a basic groundwork clinic as an introduction or for those wishing to try an alternative method to check the idea out and see if it might work for them.  I then plan to introduce a variety of other titles to run alongside the basic groundwork clinics, to include furthering the groundwork, ridden foundation, and desensitisation clinics.

Why not use the winter months to your advantage by learning to build a communication with your horse, build on that communication to iron out any problems you may be having and prepare yourselves for a wonderful summer full of fun.  Don’t let poor light conditions and wet horses stop you making progress together - get out there on the ground and build confidence together.  Its even more fun in the summer months as you can get out and about together and have fun on trails on the ground or a combination of ridden and groundwork fun with any obstacles you may find on your way.

The different combination of horses presented in a clinic situation gives the opportunity for students to see different behaviours and, as such, different strategies to achieve the same result.  This serves to build your own vocabulary such that if you are ever faced with difficult or unusual situations you are better placed to deal with them properly and safely.

Keep an eye on the diary page for up and coming clinic dates.

If you would like to organise a clinic in your area then please contact me on 07769 536343 or email viki@beau-cheval.com.



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Sometimes people prefer to have a go at something before they commit, so I offer and undertake, across the UK, clinics / workshops at various times throughout the year.  Clinics are usually structured around the elements detailed below offering an introduction through to furthering the communication.  Workshops (with or without horses) are structured more around the subjects that people would like to learn more about.  All are fun, light hearted, informal and are there for people to learn in a relaxed manner without the pressure of the  yard environment.  Sometimes we hold evenings in local pubs called ‘An Evening for Horse Lovers’.  These are worked as an open forum evening whereby I am there to just get to know you and offer advice throughout the evening on all topics that people wish to raise and often work around a specific theme.  These are comfortable but educational evenings that all enjoy where we can also include a light meal.  If there are a number of you, a group of friends etc. who would like a workshop, clinic or an ‘Evening for Horse Lovers’ please do not hesitate to contact me. 


CLINIC DESCRIPTIONS - These are a guide only and may be altered slightly if necessary

Introduction to Communication - (on the ground)

  1. Understanding Pressure & Release

  2. Gaining Respect / Building Confidence & Curiosity

  3. Following a Feel

  4. Talking to the Feet (Stop / Backup / Hind & Forequarter Yields)

  5. Body Awareness / Positioning & Energy Control

  6. Lateral Flexion

  7. Leading

  8. Exercises to put the new communication into practice

Furthering the Communication - (on the ground)

  1. Using Energy to Change Gait / Speeds within the Gait

  2. Talking to the Feet (Hind & Forequarter Yields / Sideways)

  3. Steady Pressure vs Rhythmic Pressure

  4. Building Confidence

  5. Lateral Flexion / Body Softening Techniques

  6. Exercises to put the new communication into practice


Ridden Foundation Clinic

  1. Mounting / Dismounting

  2. Lateral Flexion

  3. Bit Acceptance (horses do not have to be bitted)

  4. Body Awareness / Positioning & Energy Control

  5. Talking to the Feet (Stop / Backup / Hind & Forequarter Yields)

  6. Softness & Relaxation

  7. Rein Positioning

  8. Using Energy to Change Gait / Speeds within the Gait


Desensitisation Clinic

  1. Checking the Communication

  2. The Importance of Trust, Respect & Understanding

  3. Desensitisation Techniques (Sights / Sounds / Sensations)

  4. Building Confidence in Troubled Zones (specific to horses in attendance)



As with my general services, I set out on my journey in equine understanding to bring solutions to all, and this is the same when organising clinics, thus costs are kept as low as I can based on numbers and venue hire charges, etc.  This most definitely does not mean that you get a lesser product but rather something quite unusual in this world - you get the professional guidance and understanding at an affordable rate.

If you would like to organise a Clinic or Workshop in your area then please contact me on 07769 536343 or email viki@beau-cheval.com